Seven Years welcomes you….

We love music and the opportunity it gives for connection with people all around the world. Our story can be found on the various tabs above, but in short, Seven Years is a group of independent musicians dedicated to spreading the Word and hope of God through music. But being independent means we are dependent  on your prayers in order to help fulfill this great commission. We would be honored if you would tell your friends about us.  If you have a favorite Christian radio station, please call them and request they play our music. Add our tracks to your Spotify playlists and anything else to get the Word out. We would be more than happy to pray for you as well.  Feel free to leave a prayer request in the comment box below and more than one will lift you up.  Thanks and God bless.

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2 Responses to Seven Years welcomes you….

  1. Gina Welsh says:

    Please pray for my step mother, Pati. She just lost her brother to cancer.

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