The Idea: Our Kickstarter Campaign

Before undertaking this campaign to raise money for a personal artistic project, I thought long and hard. Why should anyone donate money for me to write and produce music?  But at the end of the day I came to the conclusion that anything worth doing is worth getting other people involved.  Whether or not one chooses to preorder a CD for $15, donate a substantial sum to help promote the finished product, or pray for our continued success, the point is that they care enough to get involved in the artistic process and the community they care about and that support makes us a better band.

Our music serves two primary purposes: to entertain and to praise and glorify our Creator. On a personal level, the music on our first album strives to evoke emotion and share common human experiences.  We want to do all of these things in the most professional and enlightening way possible.  The more support, money, and prayer we have will of course help make our album a positive addition to the world.

I hope many people will check out our Kickstarter project and consider preordering a CD or digital download. To get an idea of who we are and our music, please check out our website here on WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

Peace and Love,

Seven Years

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