Seven Years Impacts Pop Culture with Revelation

Pussy Riot Continues To Stir Up Controversy In 2014

TPN - Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot Are Still Kicking In 2014

A Special Rick Norte Insight Editorial –

The Russian punk band, Pussy Riot, will and continues to stir up controversy in 2014 for Russians, Earth and the Kremlins leading man, Vladimir Putin.

Previously, former Pussy Riot member, Tolokonnikova , was quoted as saying: “So we demand — and will demand — a Russia without Putin, and we will demand a Russia that is free.” The controversy began when two members of Pussy Riot, Tolokonnikova Alyokhina, and fellow Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich were arrested in March 2012 after a “punk prayer” against Russian President Vladimir Putin performed at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow in February.

The irony is that two years later, 2014, many see Pussy Riot as having been prophetic in their accusations of a tyrannical Putin, with his takeover of the Ukraine. In what is seen as further irony, they have been rumored to publicly support the Christian band Seven Years because, as they put it, the new age is coming, and Satan will rule the earth after seven years of tribulation started by Putin.

Seven Years has yet to publicly comment on the alleged Pussy Riot comments. When asked if their band name, Seven Years, comes from the scripture in Revelation which mentions the end of the world as we know it, they laughed and stated “Isn’t that an REM song?” The title track on the debut album by Seven Years is Time to Change. Perhaps Pussy Riot is on to something. If Putin doesn’t change soon, it may be the beginning of the new world order.

Furthermore, if Pussy Riot is now listening to Christian music, it may actually be the end of the world as we know it. Perhaps they can change their name to Pussy Righteous. Just a thought from the insight of your friend, Rick Norte.

Christian Worship Band Seven Years Performing Hit Song Of Debut Album

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